The Raise Up Of Lego Building Lightailing Reveals a New Look at Night

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make your tirelessly built Lego structures stand out even in darkness? No matter how expert you are in assembling thousands of Lego pieces unless the structures get proper attention from onlookers apart from you, the satisfaction is somewhat missing. While during the daytime, the vibrant colored Lego pieces are quite eye-catching, when the twilight sets in and the interior lights are turned off, your Lego models become overshadowed. But is there any way to keep the limelight on your creation always regardless of surrounding lighting? Well, the Lightailing lighting kits are undoubtedly the reliable option to keep Lego structures lightened up brightly at night.

light kit for avenger lego set

High-Quality Lights

The Lego building lights  are LEDs of high quality and they offer sufficient brightness to the entire structures so that no part remains in shadow. According to particular structures, you will get different colored lights like red, blue, purple, green, blue, yellow and of course, the warm white ones which are used in almost all the models. The lights do not consume much power even if you keep them on for the entire night and their longevity is something that your Lego structures can rely on! The lights are designed for particular parts of particular models to make them look realistic.    

light kit for avengers lego set

Small Delicate Accessories

Apart from the LEDs, each lighting kit for Lego  is equipped with various accessories like different sized connecting cables which are passed in between and below the Lego pieces so that they remain hidden without tampering. There are also random colored bricks for customization or as spares, USB cables for connecting with the hub, expansion board(s) with a different number of ports, Adhesive squares, and instruction manuals. The accessories are small in size so that the outer look of the structures remains intact while they are lightened up at night. No matter how many accessories are inside the structures, an onlooker would never be able to detect them, especially at night.     

Starwars lego set light kit

Ease Of Installation And Customization

Even if you do not have any electrical knowledge, with the help of the universally depicted steps on the user guide book and instruction manual, you can light up Lego sets  within minutes. That being said, you can not only create a night illumination for the structures but also try customization with the lights because they are not strictly for a particular structure and you can add various structures together and interchange the lights for a unique look.   

Structures Look Livelier

Starwars set LED light kit

With the light kit for Lego set, you can make sure your Winter Village, Parisian Restaurant, Town Hall, Winter Toy Shop, etc remain highlighted at night. The Lego architecture models like the skyline of Venice, San Francisco, London, Hongkong, etc as well as the notable architectural marvels like Trevi Fountain, Buckingham Palace, Great Wall of China get their perfect night view with the light kits. Besides, creating the action-packed movie or comic book sequences like Whomping Willow attack, Batman’s fight with Penguin or Imperial Star Destroyer’s shooting is possible with the lights.

While during your younger years, there was no permanent way to keep the models highlighted, now the lighting accessories are in high demand among the Lego enthusiasts especially because everyone loves to give their normal Lego models a new look.





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