Tips and Trick for Multifunctional Car Transporter 42098

The Lego Technic model of Car Transporter 42098 is undoubtedly a challenging and enjoyable treat for any Lego enthusiast and automobile lover. Assembling over 2000 pieces and adding LED lights afterward is not such a big deal as guidebooks are there.

Featuring exquisite engineering details through interactive functions and realistic features, the Car Transporter 42098 set from Lego Technic is a perfect replica of the original model. Adults with interest in heavy-duty transports and stylish cars as well as kids who are above eleven can easily assemble the two-in-one model made of 2493 Lego pieces.

Lego Light kit for Car sets

While the car transporter vehicle looks suave with the color scheme of black, red and grey, you can also rebuild the model to build Show cars and the Technic Truck. What makes the vehicles more appealing is the handmade and high-quality lighting kit from Lightailing or Briksmax, which can be installed by anyone above six years old.    

Tricks to Highlight the Car Transporter Model

The light kit for Car Transporter  comes with 52 random colored Lego bricks that you can assemble with the existing model to create a customized look. Once the final installation is complete, you should know where to put the LEDs and how to customize with the lights –

  • Lower or raise the car decks of the Car transporter, load or unload the cars at the rear ramp and lock them securely for transportation. The slow flashing multicolored lights namely the two 15cm blue LEDs and six 15cm yellow LEDs are there for the decks and ramp. You can tilt the driver’s cab to access the detailed V6 moving piston engine. For additional detailing, you can add stickers from the sticker sheet.
  • The blue car features a functional steering wheel and the V8 engine with a piston that is compatible with another Lego Technic model Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093 –use warm white LEDs for front and red LEDs for tail lights and blue LEDs for sidelights. The light setup for the 3”x10”x4” car and the 33”x5”x8” transporter vehicle will be different than used to light up Lego bricks  of the 34”x5”x5” Truck with Show Cars.

Tips To Remember While Installing Lighting Kit for Car Transporter

Best led light kit for Lego set

 Before starting with the light accessories, there are a few things that you have to prepare in advances such as the brick separators and the three (and some spare ones) AA batteries as the light kit only comes with the AA and CR2032 Oval battery pack.

  • First, open the user guide book if you need help in connecting batteries, inserting connectors to the expansion board ports, passing cables through two studs, connecting battery boxes, hiding wires and so on.
  • Get the instruction manual from the Lego light kit for Multifunctional Car Transporter Lego  and follow each detailed step and related illustration for ease of light installation.

lego light kit for custom sets

  • Add two 30cm and six 15cm white, one 30cm and ten 15cm warm white, two 30cm and eight 15cm red, two 30cm and fourteen 15cm yellow and the warm white light strip with two 30cm, two 50cm and four 15cm connecting cables.
  • Set up the three Adhesive Squares, one 30cm USB cable along with two 6-port, five 8-port, and two 12-port Expansion boards.

There is hardly any chance of handling damage as each plastic packet inside the box is wrapped with bubble sheets but still, you should thoroughly check each light accessory as they are delicate. With the best in quality things to be categorized with the substance provided.


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