Create Your Own Lego NINJAGO Adventures with Land Bounty 70677

The epic battle between the Pyro Vipers and the masters of Spinjitzu from the Lego Ninjago Movie gets a new vitality with the Land Bounty 70677 set. Make your Lego building experience worthwhile with the lighting accessories from Briksmax and Lightailing.

The Lego enthusiasts will be well aware of the animated 3D Lego Ninjago Movie from 2017 that was based on the Spinjitzu warriors’ battle against Garmadon and the Land Bounty 70677 set can be a perfect addition to your Ninjago collection inspired from that movie.

Light kit for the Lego Land Bounty set

With 1178 pieces, the model depicts the battle between the nine Ninja warriors including Kai, Jay, Wu, Nya along with the Forbidden Spinjitzu warrior Cole FS and the Pyro Vipers of Aspheera, the snake queen. Kids above nine years old can enjoy placing the Ninja Minifigures that were added in June last year in different sections of the set against the Pyro Slayer, Pyro Destroyer, Char and Aspheera Minifigures. The 27 lights for the Land Bounty will liven up the battle scene vibrantly.

Lighting up the Land Bounty 70677 Set

The Lego light sets  are handmade and of premium quality, but they are prone to get tampered for being delicate –to avoid any such issue, the box contains separate plastic packets, each wrapped by bubble film.

  • For easy light installation, there is the universal illustrated instruction manual and for further setup, there is the user guide so that any 6+ years old enthusiast, skilled or unskilled in electrics can easily install the lights.
  • The light kit for Land Bounty Lego set  consists of two warm white light strips, four 15cm yellow LEDs and two white LEDs of 30cm length with nine white LEDs of 15cm length for the rotating cannon and Minifigure cockpit.
  • The mobile Ninja truck can be highlighted with the golden-rimmed wheels, rotating shooting cannon, two golden shuriken slicers, steering wheel, retracting spring-loaded shooter and a detailed interior which can be accessed easily. When you light up the truck with Lego night light, the two adorned textile sails, detachable flyer, foldout boosters, dual-seat cockpit, buildable arcade, dojo and two weapon racks, teapot and the rear compartment that can be opened to reveal the quad bike will be highlighted.    

Lego land Bounty Led light kit

  • Get batteries for the CR2032 Oval and AA battery packs, place the Adhesive Square and connect the power cable of 30cm length to the USB hub. You will have to set up the two 6-port and one 12-port expansion boards.
  • The light kit for NINJAGO Lego set  comes with the multifunctional board that can be utilized for adjusting the flashing feature of the LED lights. You will get one 5cm, one 30cm and two 15cm connecting wires. Pass the connecting cables between stubs or below the brick separator so that they remain concealed but never get tampered by forcible insertion.   
  • Nine randomized Lego pieces are also included in the Lego light kit so that you can customize the set as you want. The weapons include gold and silver katanas for Kai, gold nunchucks and silver katana for Jay, gold spear and silver katana for Nya, bo staff for Wu, snake scepter for Char, sword for Pyro Slayer and scimitar for Pyro Destroyer.

Lift the flyer and place a Minifigure on the bike, drive the truck to spin the shuriken slicers automatically and turn on the rear switch to steer and turn. Test each accessory before the final installation.  



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