Recreate Superhero Action from Marvel's Spider-Man with Stark Jet and Drone Attack 76130

Create a Lego version of the epic finale battle of Mysterio and Spider-man featuring drones with the Stark Jet and the Drone Attack 76130 model. Lightailing and Briksmax have you covered with the premium lighting kits for this Phase IV model so that it never remains overshadowed.

While the Marvel fans were still ruminating over the death of Iron Man, Spider-man: Far From Home hit the theatres with Tom Holland reprising his role as Peter Parker aka Spider-man and Jake Gyllenhaal as the villain Mysterio. With the start of Phase IV in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lego too made its Star Jet and the Drone Attack 76310 model that consists of 504 pieces and is suitable for anyone over eight years old. The final drone attack in the shape of a massive lightning cyclone by Mysterio was undoubtedly the icing on the cake and with the handmade lighting kit from Lightailing or Briksmax, you can recreate that scene according to the film version or customize your own version.

Lego set light kit

What to Expect From the Stark Jet and the Drone Attack Set

The best Lego light kits  should be set up on the model only after the complete assembly otherwise you would lose track of where to put the lights and pass the wires.

  • Last year in May, the Minifigures of Mysterio and Nick Fury were added to the set with Peter Parker and Happy Hogan. There is a gun for Happy, shooter for Fury and the elements of power energy for Mysterio.
  • By pressing the top button, you can open the jet hatch to drop bombs or let Spider-man enter the virtual storm with the web string as shown in the movie. The 1”x1” drones feature two stud shooters each.

lego LED light kit

  • You can light up Stark Jet and the Drone Attack Lego set  that has the 10cm tall, 25cm wide and 38cm long buildable Stark Jet with opening cockpit where Fury and Happy can sit. The lights will highlight the control panel, passenger seat at the rear side for Spider-man along with the storage for three buildable power energy bombs, two guns, two stud shooters, adjustable wings and the opening hatch where the spider web strings can be attached.

Things to Know About Light Kit for Stark Jet and the Drone Attack

light kit for lego set

Before you bright up Legos, get three (and spare ones) AA batteries as the light kit only includes the battery pack. Also, set up the brick separators so that the wires can be concealed and be passed through the bricks easily.

  • As your installation guide, there is the user guide book while the illustrated universal instruction manual will show you detailed steps of light installation. You should keep the after-sales warranty card somewhere safe as it guarantees you two years of free servicing and replacement due to manufacturer defect. Add the three random colored Lego pieces to the main structure for a customized look.

light up lego sets

  • The light kit for Stark Jet and the Drone Attack  comes with the warm white 15cm LED and a strip light for the cockpit along with the slow flashing 15cm and 30cm red lights and three blue 15cm lights. Connect the 15cm connecting wire and the 30cm USB cable properly and set up the Adhesive Square and 8-port expansion board.  

As both the Lego pieces and the delicate light accessories can cause choking hazards or get tampered or broken, make sure you open the box and open the plastic packets from the bubble films once you have finished building the structure.



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