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Which Lego set in your possession seems fit to donate for the yard sale? Which set just gives out the impression that you should not put your money on to it? For any Lego enthusiast, listing the Lego sets they think are the worst will be a tough choice because no matter how many new and advanced sets come out, the attachment never gets weak.

The emotion is understandable but on reality check, there will be several sets that just do not look fit for this age or standing with their latest successor models. For example, the Assassin Droids Battle Pack 8015 seems too small to catch the attention and includes regular droids instead of battle droids.

worst lego star wars sets

Some Lego sets are way too simple and easy to build for older enthusiasts, for example, Galidor Nick 4040 and Police Unit 3314. Some are unnecessary complex and not fit for young builders, for example the Rebel Blockade Runner 10019.

List Of The Worst Lego Sets

Let’s then check out the seven worst Lego sets ever that might not be fit to be put on display or for playing. Most of these sets mentioned below are retired and are available at prices that will burn a hole in your pocket. However, if you find these interesting enough, do not feel shy to treat yourself with LED light kits.

1. Imperial Star Destroyer 10030 –Too Expensive And Difficult

With 3096 Lego pieces, the Imperial Star Destroyer 10030 set from the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series was released in 2002 with a price tag of USD 269.99. But once it went out of the Lego market, this model suitable for 16+ years old enthusiasts has been too expensive to indulge in. Available from the third-party suppliers now, be prepared to pay USD 2499.99 to assemble 3104 pieces.

Manned by the Imperial Navy top crew, this Star Destroyer has played a significant part in the Star Wars cinematic universe, especially A New Hope and therefore, you would surely be intrigued to build the37 inches long and 23 inches wide structure. However, the turbo lasers or tractor beam projectors will fail to enthrall you because once fully assembled, you will only be able to keep it on display, not play with it.  

Amazon Rating For Lego Destroyer 10030: 3.2/5

Review Highlights: Too difficult to assemble, wings are not steady and you might need glue to keep them stuck 

2. Yoda 75255 –Building Process Is Not Up To The Mark

Although one of the greatest and favorite characters from the Star Wars saga, the Yoda 75255 can be considered as one of the worst Lego Star Wars sets. Consisting of 1771 pieces, this set from the Lego Star Wars series is suitable for anyone above 10 and therefore, quite difficult for younger ones to build. The figure holding the green lightsaber stands only 16 inches high and you might find the price of USD 99.99 a bit much.

It has posable head, eyebrows for changing expression and posable toes and fingers, but there is hardly any symmetry in other parts of the body except the long ears and eyes. Being hollow inside, keeping the figure upright will be a bit difficult. While some users might find the lack of detailing due to less number of pieces, young builders might have a hard time assembling pieces of the same color.  

Amazon Rating For Lego Yoda 75255: 4.9/5

Review Highlights: Building the small head is more complex than other parts of the body. Attaching the head is tricky.

worst lego sets ever

3. R2-D2 10225 Pricey And More Upgraded Version Available

With the R2-D2 75308 now being available, the 10225 version will be one of the worst Lego sets to choose, especially with its not-so-pocket-friendly price of about USD 516.67 on third-party platforms. 2127 Lego pieces for this relatively small model with a height of one foot and a width of 7 inches might seem overbearing even though it is age-appropriate for 16+ years old builders.

Being an ultimate collectors’ series item with features such as retracting third leg, opening front panels to reveal the circular saw, two foldable control arms for spacecraft linkage and computer interface and the rotating head, this set will not really enchant the new-age builders and Star Wars fans.

Amazon Rating For Lego R2-D2: 4.7/5

Review Highlights: Lack of light brick inside, restricted rolling movements and release mechanism of the third leg makes it more like a display piece than a toy.

4. Millennium Falcon 10179 –Latest And More Detailed Model Available

When you can have the largest and most detailed 7541-piece Millennium Falcon 75192 model at lower price, why would you go for the Millennium Falcon 10179? It not only contains lesser i.e. 5197 pieces but also is discontinued by Lego in 2009, only two years after its release and is now available at a skyrocketed price of USD 3499.99. With low Lego rating, apparently this Ultimate Collectors’ edition model lacks various detailing that the latest model has and therefore, the challenging experience to build the model nearly 3 feet long might seem futile and monotonous to anyone above sixteen.

Unlike the latest model containing four classic and three crew members from Episode VII-VIII, two Porgs, Mynock and BB-8 droid figures, the 10179 model only has five old Minifigures. Once you are aware of the new model with intricate exterior, 4-minifigure cockpit, segmented main hold, gunnery station and rear compartment, the old version does not make sense.

Amazon Rating For Lego Millennium Falcon 10179: 4.1/5

Review Highlights: Too costly when there is newer and more detailed version available.

5. Market Street 10190 –Too Expensive Though Smaller In Size  

If you follow a few Lego sets reviews regarding the Lego Creator Expert Modular Buildings sets that create a cityscape together, it will be obvious that the Market Street 10190 is not worth spending over USD 2700. When released in 2007, the cost was about USD 150 just like the other sets from the series such as the Pet Shop, Grand Emporium, Café Corner and Palace Cinema. The Market Street model is smaller than the other models with about 13 inches of height and the cityscape does not even look like it requires the Market Street for a complete look.

The features like removable balconies, spiral staircases, terrace roof and awnings might seem repetitive to you once you see the other eight models of the series. The staircases and interior, gate, windows and street light will look too basic with respect to the highly detailed Café Corner, Pet Shop and so on.    

Amazon Rating For Lego Market Street 10190: 3/5

Review Highlights: Way too pricey for an old and small model.

6. Death Star II 10143 –Pricey And More Detailed Versions Available

With the price tag of USD 1971 and 3449 pieces to assemble, the Death Star II 10143 will make you question why not go with the more detailed Death Star 75159 set consisting of 4016 pieces. When the 10143 set was released in 2005, it followed the original Star Wars classic trilogy and more emphasis was given to the exterior to the ship, unlike the later 3803-piece or 4016-piece versions, where the intricate interior perfectly complements the exterior.    

Those who remember this Death Star II starship from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, might even find the green super laser insignificant in respect to the new model that includes swiveling and tilting super laser. If you are planning to highlight the Lego with LED lights, the old Death Star II 10143 will hardly leave much opportunity to do so.  

Amazon Rating For Lego 10143: 4/5

Review Highlights: Black and dark grey pieces are a bit indistinguishable and the 25 inches high model seems a bit unsteady on the stand.

lego sets reviews

7. Sith Infiltrator 7151 –Plain-looking, Better Versions Available

If you have seen the Stars Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and really cannot remember much of the Sith Infiltrator of Darth Maul, it is not your fault because the structure was not so significant. That being said, when the Lego Star Wars brought out the Sith Infiltrator 7151 in 1999, the set not only failed to create the stir among the fans but also seemed too simple with only 243 pieces to assemble. What might be more confusing is the inclusion of random blue pieces for the starship that was grey in the movie.

Five new versions of Sith Infiltrator along with the Sith TIE Fighter 75272 have come out after the 7151 set and needless to say, all those are more interesting than this simple-looking model. Apart from Darth Maul, there are just black-headed droid probes with antennae and there is not much to do as this solid model just houses the Sith lord.   

Amazon Rating For Lego 7151: 4.4/5

Review Highlights: The set lacks detailing both to the exterior and interior and the blue bricks creates asymmetry. Inclusion of more Minifigures would have been nicer.  

Lighting Up Lego Sets With LEDs

So, now you know about why the above-mentioned sets are not worth buying and why some of the latest versions of those are more suitable for you. But, if you already have bought any of these or have been gifted or have those in possession for long, these is nothing to worry as Lightailing and Briksmax lighting kits for Legos can always make even a dull set look charming with twinkling LEDs. What is better, these light kits are customizable, therefore, if you have lighting kits for Death Star 10188 or 75159, using them for the Death Star II 10143 will yield almost similar results.

The Lightailing light kit for R2-D2 10225 consists of green, purple, blue, white, red and yellow LEDs for the head to recreate this droid from the movies. On the other hand, you can brighten up Yoda 75255 Lego with LED lights including one 15cm green and two 15cm blue LEDs, two solid color projecting laps and two green bars for the lightsaber. The Briksmax light kit for Yoda also includes 17 random pieces for customization, two 6-port expansion boards, one AA and three Oval CR2032 battery packs, one Adhesive Square and four 30cm power cables.

Worst or not, it is up to you to decide which sets to avoid and which ones to include in your collection and even though you find any of these bland or boring, there is no need to get rid of them, as the light kits can give a whole new look to these models. The lighting kits are pocket-friendly and installing them is easy with the user guide and illustrated universal manual. Test each kit before installing and keep the after-sales card safely for 2 years.    



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