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A super-elusive and stylish Lamborghini is what every sports car lover would want to drive or at least lay the hands once in their life. Not many are as lucky or rich enough to have one Lamborghini car in possession, but that should not deter people from having a miniature version and that too made of Lego pieces.

The Lego Technic series has introduced the collector’s edition of the impressive Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 model with a fusion of unmatched engineering and superior technology. An immersive hands-on building experience lies for the enthusiasts to make this meticulously replicated model comprising 3696 Lego pieces of high difficulty level a success.

The Lego Technic Lamborghini review is here to take you through this elaborate super sports car set in lime green color with gold rims built in a 1:8 scale so that is measures above five inches in height, twenty three inches in length and nine inches in width. Weighing 6.12 kilograms, the box set comes at a price of USD 379.99, CAD 489.99 and GBP 349.99.

lego lamborghini sian review

If you take a delve into the history of the car that was the first hybrid car of the Italian company in 57 years of business, you will know that it was the first sports vehicle to incorporate supercapacitors and the V12 engine that is realistically added in the Lego set.      

Lego Technic provides virtual workshop experience in association with Automobili Lamborgjhini to know the designers created this set. Expect nothing less as the car model is the result of 400000 Technic accessories and 8660 hours of workforce at the Kladno facility during the nine months of collaboration.  

What To Expect From Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 Model

Experts in Lego building who are aged 18 or above can make the best out of the audacious angles, sleek curves and dynamic lines of the car. Taking a peek at the box, you will find that it features only the emblem of Lamborghini and stylized hood of the car on the front while the back side features logo of Lego, age rating, details about the model and the picture of the complete set.

On opening the top section featuring Sián FKP’s rear exhaust pipes with taillights, you will reveal immaculately luxurious packaging of the six boxes. The arrangement of the boxes will remind you of the engine cover made of carbon fiber in such a way that the four boxes in the middle are overlapping one another like scales.

  • Divided in 5 groups i.e. each bag containing about 700 pieces are numbered sensibly and the 6thbag contains the gold rims and tires.
  • Instead of placing on top of the boxes, the two instruction manuals are places sideways beneath the inner bags where you will notice the finished model picture shown across both.
  • Inside the lid, you will find the number ‘63’ printed as reference to the founding year of Lamborghini and the total Sián models manufactured so far, along with an Italian quote by Ferruccio Lamborghini.
  • Two coffee-table designed exclusive collector’s books of instructions contain images, behind-the-scene interviews of project workers from Automobili Lamborghini and the Lego group and building instructions.
  • There are 656 pages in the booklets, which would be obvious from their thickness. Book one features background details regarding both the actual car and Lego car with glamour photographs in 26 pages. You will also get QR code that will give you direct link to video of the model on the Lego webpage.

Now that you are aware of the box contents, let’s move further to the Lego Lamborghini Sián review to know about the highlights of the set. In this context, the Lego Technic Control+ app compatible with mobiles and tablets is worth mentioning for its immersive building experience using digital interface. From live feedback to thrilling challenges, authentic sounds to realistic movements –using the app will be interesting. The realistic multifunctional control includes automation, control, achievements, tailor-made data feedback etc.

  • Look out for the unique display plate with the serial number on opening the hood that will lead you to unlocking exclusive content in Owner’s Area online.
  • As faithful representation of the original Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, you will find the V12 engine, movable pistons, front and rear suspensions and steering wheel that can be used to move and position the car.
  • There are opening hoods for both front and rear sections, sequential 8-speed transmission that gets activated by moving paddle gearshift, elaborate disc brakes, 4-wheel drive and moving rear spoiler.
  • The cockpit features an authentic console and the car also features the working gearbox, the functioning of which can be seen by opening the small window added to the underside of the car. The spoiler can be lowered to reach top speed and on opening the trunk, you will find the overnight bag.  
  • The signature dramatic entrance is guaranteed by the classic Lamborghini scissor doors that open smoothly with the seamless operation by the push button.
  • The rims were made golden by drum-lacquering to add the glossy finish. The Countach-inspired sharp lines ensure superior aerodynamic performance.
  • Inspired from Terzo Millennio, the Y-shaped replicated headlights at front resemble that from the original car.

lego lamborghini sian light kit

Building Experience With Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 Model

Before proceeding to the Lego 42115 review regarding the building experience, you should know about the Lego pieces that are to be assembled because it will give you an idea about the ones you have used before and the new ones. To create the lime green parts of the car, you will find sixty unique pieces and five among those are totally new elements used in the Lego structures.

  • The wheel arches that are similar to the ones from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 and Bugatti Chiron 42083 sets, although the Lamborghini set has leveled upper surfaces.  
  • The car hood is made up of the two trapezoidal panels on right and left along with the rotor blade-like elements that create lower sills of the doors.
  • The drum-lacquer golden hubs added in respective bags make the golden rims. You will get thirty printed elements and two additional ones across eleven unique prints, for example ID plate, gas cap, brake calipers and carbon fiber detailing.
  • The 1x4 white tile below the hood is laser-carved with the unique code to find the website and download desktop wallpapers, ringtones, posters and ownership certificate.

As mentioned earlier, each box of the package is designed for respective parts of the car and the first stage of your building process is assembling the rear suspension and gearbox. This box also comes with some unnumbered bags containing pieces to be used for the entire set. Here is a guide through the assembly –

First Stage

If you have experience with building Bugatti Chiron 42083, building the dual-wishbone suspension will seem easy and adding the 4 rigid springs on top of it will add to the bounce. Once the gearbox is constructed, add it to the starting of monocoque frame in perfect sync with suspension and you will notice those paddle shifters on lower left side.

Second Stage

The front suspension and engine are assembled in this step and you will feel nostalgic while cylinder and piston combo for the V12 engine if you have built Technic sets with the same combination earlier. Slot the engine into main chassis while the differential and the front suspension remain on building dock next. Make sure you are careful enough to align those axles and pins to establish a perfect connection with the chassis.

The engine is made up of variegated macaroni and round bricks for exhaust system with printed carbon-fiber tiles. Instead of conventional gears and beams, this set incorporates twisting pipes. There is a framing element that is added underneath final body parts, although will not be seen when you light up lego Lamborghini Sián.

Third Stage

Now, 75% of the first instruction manual is completed and you will now find the pieces for seats i.e. two hip-flanking race buckets with printed Lamborghini headrest and other interior details. In this stage, you will also have to lay groundwork for the car along with the retractable spoiler and scissor doors. For door mechanism, long beams are passed in channels alongside the cockpit and spoiler mechanism is controlled by the lever in passenger footwell that runs inside door on passenger side. You can pull the roof by grasping the reinforced handles from windshield area.

Fourth Stage

The fourth box contains pieces for rear spoiler and body panels for rear half. The 1x1 red tent slopes are used for three hexagonal taillights while small panels join with Technic connectors for the pound angles of wing delta for the spoiler. Attach it to the pylon that will rise as you pull the lever of the cabin. To make the edges smooth, lime green colored panels with some flexible and long axles are used.

The bag contains the engine lid that connects with two long axle pins instead of hinging open. Remove this cover completely to see the engine. Three 2x2 tiles create each side of this cover and when lid is fit properly, you will see only the top edge with multicolored stripes. You will see the sharp edges taking shape now.

Fifth Stage

The fifth bag with subsections of parts will help you construct the splitter. The 3-bladed headlights will test your patience with the odd construction procedure that you might not have faced earlier. 3 light sabers in perfect angles with each other are used for this. Here you will also have to attach the long axles for the scissor doors to allow movement while opening, although closing the doors will be in the conventional way by pushing them downwards.                

In sixth bag, you will get tires including 1x1 Lamborghini crest printed round tile and rims. Align the tiles and use the residual pieces of the firth bag to create the little grey bag for the trunk. The modified display plate is created with the 4x6 tile bearing car logo. The small frame attached to it will help placing it at perfect angle by the car.

light up lego Lamborghini Sián

Lighting Up Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 Model

The Lego Lamborghini Sián light kit created for 6+ years old users are there to make sure that this collectible set remains the center of attention even when the room is dark. Once you have passed the strenuous building procedure with flying colors, do not worry about your electrical skill and unbox the plug-and-play kit box that contains bubble-wrapped plastic bags containing handmade lights and accessories separately for avoiding damage. Lightailing or Briksmax lighting kit for the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty.

  • Compatible with the RGB F05 RF receiver board included in the kit, the remote control comes with multiple buttons for easy turning on and off the lights, brightening or dimming the lights, switching among various flicker effects and twelve different RGB colors of lights.
  • Four blue strip lights are for the 4-wheel drive while the suspensions for front and rear get highlighted by red and white lights. There are two 15cm transparent light pipes, three solid RGB color light strips, six ice blue 30cm dot lights, one warm white light strip, two 15cm and two 30cm green LEDs and six small warm white 30cm lights.
  • Passing the connecting cable between Lego stubs is necessary to keep them hidden and safe from damage. There are one 15cm and two 30cm RGB connecting wires along with one 5cm, five 15cm, one 30cm and two 50cm wires.
  • One 6-port and two 12-port expansion boards are included with one multifunction board, two Adhesive Squares, one 30cm USB power cord and ten random Lego pieces.
  • Just like the Lego set, the light kit brings two illustrated instruction books where installation steps are described in universal language.

Make sure you test the light kit properly before using and maintain the voltage below 5V to be safe from electrical burns. There is a user guide for help in further steps and if you notice any issue within seven days, replacements can be issued on returning the kit.  

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