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What is your dream car that you have always dreamt about seeing in your garage or parked on the driveway? Is there a car in mind that you always wanted to drive around enjoying the envious looks from the bystanders and fellow drivers?

Be it a classy vintage car like the James Bond Aston Martin or a sleek supercar like the Bugatti Chiron, a rugged off-roader like the Land Rover Defender or a muscle car like the Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” –the choices vary from person to person. However, if you share the same enthusiasm for automobile and Lego models, the Lego Technic cars your best bets.

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So, what is the best Lego car? There is actually no definite answer because according to your skill and experience with Lego structures, the sets suitable for adults can be chosen. Take for example, the Porsche 911 10295 set from the Creator Expert series that can be built into the Targa or Turbo model in turn and will enthrall any car enthusiast. The Lego Technic Ferrari 488 42125 model is perfect for those liking cars with unmatched performance and endurance.

At the same time, cinephiles who binged on James Bond movies and stories, will find the Lego Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5 10262 set suitable to satiate their MI6 trivia. If you are still a bit unsure about the car models to test your skill and keep in your Lego car collections, here are the three most interesting and timeless models –

1. The Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 Model

A path-breaking European sports car built by Automobili Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 has everything to challenge an expert in Lego building. Reach the top speed by lowering the spoiler, open the sleek scissor doors, check out the detailed gearbox and discover the elaborate console of the cockpit. As one of the best Lego car sets for adults i.e. 18 years old and above, it has 3696 pieces to assemble the lime green car on 1:8 scale measuring more than 5 inches in height, 23 inches in length and 9 inches in wide.     

  • The exclusive booklet for this collector’s edition model not only contains comprehensive building steps but also has various images on the coffee-table designed pages along with designers’ interviews behind the scene. You will also get to know about the building and designing process from the interviews of the Automobili Lamborghini team and the Lego team.
  • Two unique features of this set are the detailed display plate and the unique serial key revealed on opening the hood and removing the bag. The key will come handy in unlocking various online contents like wallpapers and more.
  • Car enthusiasts will love the V12 engine and moving pistons, 8-speed transmission, 4-wheeled drive, moving paddle gearshift for activating the sequential transmission, moving rear spoiler, intricate disc brakes, gold rims resembling the original car, opening hoods for front and rear side  and adjustable steering to move the car forward and backward effortlessly.  

lego race car

Add Lego Lights For Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 Model

If you are planning to highlight this Lego car with lights and sounds, the lighting kit for Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 will be easy to install to keep the structure from overshadowing. You will get ten random Lego pieces for customization and two instruction manuals for ease of installation.

  • Lights And Cables

    There are three solid color RGB strips for which two 30cm and one 15cm RGB connecting cables are provided. Other lights include two 30cm and two 15cm green and six 30cm small warm white LEDs, one warm white and four blue strip lights and six 30cm dot lights of warm white glow. Two 15cm transparent light pipes are also added. Bricks separator can be used to pass the two 50cm, one 30cm, one 5cm and five 15cm connecting wires safely between Lego stubs without making them visible from outside.  

    • Remote And Peripherals

      One remote control is added with eight numbered LED control areas, two brightness control areas, music and sound control modes, reset button and more. The light kit also contains a multiple function board, an RGB receiver board, two adhesive squares, one s-port and two 12-port expansion boards, an AA battery holder without batteries and a 30cm USB cable for the hub.

      2. The Bugatti Chiron 42083 Model

      Considered as the fastest supercar with the 300 mph speed, the Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron is an eye-catching Lego race car with 3599 Lego pieces and is suitable for adult enthusiasts or anyone above sixteen to be precise.

      Built at 1:8 scale in collaboration with Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S, this classic set features the signature blue duo-tone scheme and comes with several decorative stickers. When finished, it will be over 5 inches high, 12.5inches wide and 22 inches long.

      • Just like the Lamborghini model, this set too comes with exclusive coffee-table collectors’ booklet for building instructions and all the bags are packed in the hardcover box.
      • The stickers are included for different sections and the serial number is located just below the overnight bag like the Sián FKP 37 set for exclusive online contents.
      • The aerodynamic bodywork, sleek curves, low-profile tires, glossy spokes and rims with Bugatti logo, movable pistons with Bugatti logo inscribed on spokes, detailed disc brakes, an elaborate W16 engine and the functional rear wing that lets you go on top speed on inserting the key.
      • While the compact rear storage reveals the Bugatti bag on opening the hood, the intricate cockpit shows 8-speed Technic gearbox, moving paddle gearshift with steering wheel that has Bugatti emblem on opening the doors.   

      lego car building kits

      Lego Light Kits For Bugatti Chiron 42083 Model

      Lightailing provides the plug-and-play lighting kit of Bugatti Chiron 42083 that contains seven random types of Lego bricks that can be used for customization. Just like the Lego car building kits, the light kit for 42083 offers a detailed and illustrated instruction book that is written in the universal method.

      • Lights And Cables

        Five warm white LED strips, two 30cm white LEDs, slow-flashing white and red LEDs measuring 30cm each are included. Three 15cm and two 5cm connecting wires are provided for the LEDs –These are to be passed smoothly and kept concealed from the exterior.   

        • Remote And Peripherals

          The Oval CR2032 battery pack and AA battery holder are there in the kit excluding batteries. There are also adhesive square, a 6-port expansion board and 30cm power cable for USB port. The remote control has X1 mode where lights are always on and X2 mode where lights are in flashing mode. The remote control lets you reset, turn on and off the lights, add music, increase or decrease volume, control brightness and choose from eight numbered options to select which sections to lighten up.

          3. The Land Rover Defender 42110 Model

          Whether displayed on the shelf or mantlepiece, operated to take up the off-road adventures in varied terrains, the Land Rover Defender 42110 set created in association with Land Rover has a fusion of vintage charm and authentic engineering details.  

          Among the rugged Lego vehicle sets that have relatively low difficulty level, this Technic set is for 11+ years old users and has 2573 pieces to assemble. As the perfect representation of Land Rover Defender for 2019 with advanced engineering elements, the model will stand over 8 inches high, 7 inches wide and 16 inches wide.

          • The all-terrain quintessential car model features the contemporary lines, sculpted surfaces, authentic bodywork and emblems with the color scheme of olive green, black and grey while including several stickers.
          • The ground-gripping chunky tires are complemented by the authentic rims. There are opening doors, tail door and bonnet, opening roof rack to reveal the storage box, traction mats, pannier and ladder.
          • In October 2019, the two-levered transmission was included to engage with low or high gear ratios. The Land Rover Defender set has the most elaborate and upgraded Technic gearbox as of now and lets you change gears seamlessly.
          • The cabin is made realistic with rear seats that are foldable to the front for revealing the sequential 4-speed gearbox, functional steering wheel and intricate dashboard. The tail door is opened by turning the spare wheel mounted on the rear side.  
          • The interesting functions offered with the set are working winch, moving pistons below bonnet, detailed six cylinder in-line engine, independent suspension for both axles and three differentials for All Wheel Drive.  
          lego vehicle sets

          Add Lights To Lego Land Rover Defender 42110 Model

          You can light up Lego car with the Briksmax Land Rover Defender light kit that will keep the car as the center of attention no matter which time of the day or night it is. Let your imagination flow when you customize the model with 28 random Lego bricks given with the light kit. The universal manual is there to help you with step-by-step installation.

          • Lights And Cables

            Two warm white LED strips and three colored 15cm slow-flashing lights are included along with four 15cm, two 10cm and one 30cm red, two 10cm yellow, eight 15cm warm white, two 15cm blue and two 30cm white LEDs. Connect the lights with one 5cm, two 30cm and two 15cm connecting cables that should not be seen from outside and inserted smoothly in between the stubs.   

            • Peripherals

              The AA battery pack without batteries, three adhesive squares, one 12-port expansion board, three 8-port expansion boards and a USB cable measuring 30cm are there on the kit.   

              The light kit for each set comprises several plastic bags containing the accessories separately to avoid any damage and the bubble films around the bags add proper cushioning inside the box. You should test each Lego set and light kit properly before assembling so that no complication occurs during or after the final setup. You also get after-sales card with the kits that ensure 2-year manufacturer guarantee.


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