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Can you remember the first Lego models that you built or tried to build in your early childhood? Regardless of gender, cars are among the commonest models that kids are given and the Lego team has excelled in creating various easy Lego car sets with low difficulty level that are age-appropriate for young builders.

As the enthusiasm of Lego building is enriched when you grow up, more advanced Lego cars are what you would spontaneously desire because implementing what you learn in your school, college or a show you watch seems like a challenge. The expert-level Lego cars will teach you about engineering, physics and automobile while developing concentration, creativity and resilience in you.

lego car instructions step by step

Now, there is no dearth of Lego car models and even though some are retired, you can grab them on third-party websites or local stores. The challenge lies in knowing how to assemble the Lego car, especially if you have lost touch and making it look more beautiful with accessories, for example, LED lights.

At the same time, building these car models and lightening them up is not limited to experts only as the vehicle sets from the Lego City series such as Pickup & Caravan 60182 model is designed for 5+ years old builders and its light kit is age-appropriate for 6+ years old enthusiasts.

Two Ways To Build Your Lego Car

The elders can supervise or accompany the little ones as they know how to build a small Lego car or can check the instructions on the kid’s behalf. The first step is to keep the instruction booklets handy along with the Lego pieces included in respective bags so that nothing gets mixed up.

Find a clear well-lit desk or workstation and start organizing the pieces according to types and size for ease of finding them when required. Also, due to choking hazards, keep an eye on little ones when you are building the car with them. As for the enthusiasts and experts in Lego building, the steps given below will not be much complicated to follow –      

1. Build Your Own Lego Car With Bricks

    If you are designing your car model, make sure there are at least 4 same-sized tires, 2 same-sized axles, one long piece to connect the wheels, windshields, seats and doors(You can also check the more detailed guide on how to build the Lego car with building bricks from wikiHow). Here are the three methods –

    Basic Lego Car Building Instructions

    According to the stud count, choose the common bricks as mentioned above and then get two 2x2, six 2x4, four 1x2, one 1x4 and two clear angular 2x2 bricks for the car body. Snugly attach tires to axles, add clear bricks on the square ones to create the front hood, attach 2x4 bricks on the windshield element and create the cab by snapping 1x2 bricks on either end of 2x4 bricks in U-shape. Snap a 1x4 brick on the back of two 2x4 brick stacks following the Lego car instructions step by step. Press axle elements below the base front and underneath the rear base respectively.

    how to build a small lego car       

    Lego Car Powered By Rubber Band

    Arrange two 1x10 pieces with holes on sides, one 2x4 plate, one 8x4 plate, one 1x4, one 2x4, one 2x2 and one 2x8 bricks, four (two larger for rear and two smaller for front) wheel rims, two Technic axles and four Lego tires along with two rubber bands. Add tires to rims and build the 4x10 chassis by placing 1x10 bricks sideways and snapping 8x4 and 2x4 plates on top.

    Add 1x4 brick to its front, create T-shape by snapping 2x4 plate on the middle and add 2x2 brick to the back in a way that each side has one stud. Add 2x8 brick covering the last two studs. Tie rubber bands in cow-hitch knot following the building process and attach them to back axle making a loop and pull the band over the body to attach with the front axle. Now pull it backwards and watch it move forward automatically.      

    Lego Car Powered By Balloon

    Follow the steps on how to build a Lego car instructions for a basic car and use dragster style for stable, slow and light center of gravity. Get two rectangular axles, four same-sized tires, four 2x8, eight 2x4 and two 1x2 bricks with thin and long 2x4 plate and a party balloon. Place 2x8 bricks together in 2 rows i.e. making 2x16 brick and place 2x4 brick on each row to form a connection and turn it over to attach 2x4 plate below the rows.

    Attach tires to axles and place them on both end of the car. Stack five 2x4 bricks making a column and add it to the 4x16 car body topped with two 2x4 bricks. Add 1x2 bricks on top of the column leaving a hollow where the balloon mouth is entered. Inflate it fully and press the neck until you place the car on the smooth surface and then leave it so that the car is propelled forward with air pushing out from the opposite direction.

    2. Add LED Lights To Lego Cars

      Whether it is your first time in handling electrics or you have basic knowledge, the plug-and-play lighting kits give opportunities to both beginners and experts to add lights to Lego car. Being customizable, the LED kits can be used for Lego cars that you build following the above-mentioned steps or those from the Lego world. Lightailing and Briksmax offer handmade light kits in hardcover boxes where LEDs and peripherals are packed separately in bubble-wrapped plastic packets.

      Let’s check out some of the Lego cars from different categories of Lego that you can customize with lights for a better look in the dark –

      The Lego Movie 2 Series

      The light kit of Rex’s Rex-Treme Offroader 70826 will lighten up the headlights, rear section and the windshield with two 15cm green and six 15cm white LEDs. The kit contains two random Lego bricks, Adhesive Square, 30cm USB cable, CR2032 battery box and 12-port expansion board.

      Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy 70829 lighting kit consisting of four slow-flashing 15cm and four 15cm red LEDs, one 15cm warm white LED and two warm white strips with 12-port expansion board, AA battery holder, 30cm power cable, Adhesive Square and six Random Lego bricks.

        build a lego car

      Batman Series

      Apart from the light kit of the Penguin Arctic Roller 70911 that lightens up the five front and multicolored rear lights and the cabin, you will get the following –

      Lighting kit of 1989 Batmobile 76139 offers you three random Lego pieces, one warm white and four blue strips, six large 30cm warm white, two slow-flashing 30cm red, two 30cm yellow and ten 30cm red LEDS. Other accessories include two 5cm, one 15cm and five 30cm cables and one 6-port, two 8-port and one 12-port expansion boards.

      Lights for Pursuit of The Joker 76119 namely two 10cm red, three warm white 10cm and four 10cm green LEDs will highlight the interior, headlights and taillights. You also get two 6-port expansion boards, 15cm cable, Oval CR2032 battery box and two complimentary Lego pieces.

      While the light kit of 76112 Batman Car comes with white, blue and red LEDs, that for 70903 Riddle Racer comes with one warm white 15cm, two red 15cm and four white 15cm LEDs, 8-port expansion board and two 1x1 round trans clear plates.

      Creator Expert Series

      Apart from the warm white, yellow and white LEDs for Porsche 911 10295, you can also highlight the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220 with white and warm white LEDs. Sunset Track Racer 31089 lights include three 15cm warm white, two 15cm red and four 15cm blue LEDs along with 12-port board and CR2032 battery box. The Fiat 500 10271 light kit include one 30cm and two 15cm warm white, two 15cm white, two 30cm yellopw and two 30cm red LEDs.

      Relive the movie scenes on using one warm white and two white strips, seventeen 2P ice-blue 15cm, three 15cm and seven 30cn red, five 20cm warm white and four 30cm white LED of the light kit of Ghostbusters ECTO-1 10274. While lights for Volkswagen Beetle 10252 include one warm white strip, two 15cm and two 30cm warm white and two 15cm white LEDs, that for Mini Cooper 10242 consists of one warm white LED strip, two 15cm white and eight 15cm warm white LEDs.

      Among the stars from the series are lighting kits for Ford Mustang 10265 with one 15cm and one 30cm warm white, two 15cm and four 30cm white and nine 15cm red LEDs and James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262 with one warm white strip and ten 15cm white LEDs.

      easy lego car

      Technic Series

      Lightailing offers lighting kits to light up Lego car models like 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback 75884, Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895, Top Gear Rally car 42109, Jeep® Wrangler 42122 and Ferrari 488 GTE 42125 “AF Corse #51”. The following light kits are also worth mentioning as these cars will get a more stylish getup –

      Light kit of 76899 Lamborghini Urus ST-X & Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO comes with three 15cm green, three 10cm warm white, two 10cm ice-blue, two 10cm white and seven 15cm red LEDs, ten Lego pieces and six and eight-port expansion boards.

      With remote for adjusting brightness, color and effect, the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 lighting kit contains two transparent 15cm light pipe, three RGB strips with RGB wires, four blue and one warm white strips, six 30cm ice-blue, six 30cm warm white, two 15cm and two 30cm green LEDs, multifunction and RGB receiver boards and ten Lego pieces.

      With 16 complementary bricks, the Land Rover Defender 42110 Lego LED kit will provide you two warm white strips. Eight 15cm warm white, two 30cm white, one 30cm and four 15cm red, two 15cm blue and two 10cm yellow LEDs.

      Dom’s Dodge Charger 42111 lighting kit lets you recreate the Fast and Furious movie scenes with a twist as you can add two random colored pieces for customization and lighten up the set with one warm white strip, two slow-flashing 30cm yellow and two slow-flashing 30cm red, four 15cm red and four 30cm white LEDs.    

      There are five warm white strips, two slow-flashing 30cm red and white and two 30cm white LEDs in 42083 Bugatti Chiron light kit along with seven random bricks for customization.   

      Porsche 911 RSR 42096 kit contains two 30cm warm white, two 30cm white, six 30cm blue and eight 30cm red LEDs with one warm white strip, fourteen connector pegs with knobs and two red, two clear and four blue 1x1 trans round plates. The lighting kit of the 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, on the other hand, comprises one light strip and ten 15cm LEDs of warm white glow, one 4x6, one 1x6 and six Trans Round 1x1 plates.  

      Get ready to lighten up 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader with 42099 light kit that includes one blue and pone warm white strips, two multicolored changing strip, two 30cm yellow, two 30cm warm white, two 30cm red and four 15cm white LEDs.  

      Once you build a Lego car, highlight it with the 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1 76897 kit consisting of one 15cm warm white, two 15cm white, two 10cm red and two 15cm yellow LEDs.

      For Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, the light kit of 42093 with one warm white strip, two 30cm white, four 30cm red and four 15cm blue LEDs will be useful for highlighting. light up lego car

      While the Top Gear Rally Car operated by app can be brightened up with the light kit for 42109 containing one warm white strip, two warm white 30cm LEDs, two 30cm red and two 15cm red LEDs, the lighting kit of Rally Car 42077 will make sure that the car is never out of focus with one warm white strip light, six 30cm warm white, two 30cm red and four 30cm white LEDs.

      The Technic lighting kit for 42075 First Responder brings out the features of the car with four 15cm white, four 15cm yellow, four 15cm blue, two 15cm warm white and two 15cm red LEDs.

      Building the car in a DIY approach using any of the three given methods or assembling a Lego-instructed car should be of your choice. Once the entire building process is done, regardless of electrical skills, installing the lights with accessories like connecting cables, expansion boards, Adhesive Squares, multifunctional boards, USB cables and battery boxes will be easy as you will get universal instructions with illustration in manuals, just like in the booklets for Lego building.     


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