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Have you mastered the art of Lego building and now looking for the hardest Lego sets ever? Well, the first thing to look for will be the number of Lego pieces because more pieces will take more time to assemble and these sets come with more difficulty than the sets with lesser number of pieces.

The difficult models often come at pricey side and if you are not confident enough or have much experience with handling larger models, you might need to reconsider. However, experts can simply choose the sets according to the budget and concentrate more on the appearance, theme and playability. 

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There are various models that are hard to build. However, the following five sets will be enjoyable for all and will offer great display and role-playing opportunities –

5. Bugatti Chiron 42083

The hardest Lego Technic set that is suitable for 16+ years old enthusiasts, the Bugatti Chiron 42083 requires you to be deft in Lego building as assembling 3599 pieces is no short of a feat! The supercar model created in 1:8 scale depicts the artsy form and superior technique used in the original Bugatti car as it measures above five inches in height, 12.5 inches in width and twenty two inches in length.

Featuring the W16 engine, the most sophisticated engine from the Lego world, the set lets you join the pieces like an automobile engineer of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.     

Highlights: in the luxurious box, you will get coffee-table collector’s booklet to have a comprehensive building guide. The signature blue duotone color scheme gets more eye-catching with the unique set of stickers.

  • Online contents can be accessed by following the serial number inscribed beneath rear hood and on lifting the hood, you will also find compact storage trunck with an overnight Bugatti bag.
  • While the engine has moving pistons, the cockpit has moving paddle gearshift for the eight-speed gearbox. Opening doors give access to the detailed console and moving steering wheel.
  • Reach to top speed by inserting top speed key and switching active rear wing from the detailed glossy aerodynamic bodywork. Stylish disc brakes for low-profile tires and spoked rims with Bugatti emblem will catch your attention.

hardest lego to build

Light Kit: The Lego lights for different sections like wheels, taillights, headlights, interior lights etc can be turned on/off respectively or together with the remote. It also has buttyons to reset effects, change brightness, add sound and choose X1 or X2 for keeping the light on always or in flashing mode respectively. There are five warm white strips, slow-flashing red and white 30cm lights and two 30cm white LEDs. The Briksmax lighting kit contains seven random Lego bricks, three 15cm and two 5cm connecting cables, a 6-port expansion board oval CR2032 and AA battery boxes, Adhesive Square and 30cm power cable.

4. Tower Bridge 10214

The Lego Creator Expert model consisting of 4295 pieces and suitable for 16+ years old, the Tower Bridge 10214 set depicts the original architectural digest from London perfectly. Building the miniature set of the world-famous structure requires you to add the suspensions by attaching miniscule pieces together and the spires on the top of each bastion needs skill to be attached properly so that the height of both bastions remain the same. Since 1894, this timeless classic landmark of London on the River Thames has been charming both to local people and tourists –you need advanced building techniques to recreate that magic.

Highlights: The most complicated part of the set is the functional drawbridge that can be opened like the original Tower Bridge to let cargo ships pass. Several rare pieces and bricks of rare colors are added in this model, thereby you might not feel so familiar with the building process unless you follow the building instruction booklet.

  • The bridge with four miniature vehicles namely the red London double-decker bus, the green car, yellow truck and black taxi will take you back to the London streets, but require skills to make sure that the bridge remains steady.
  • The paired towers are joined by the drawbridge with opening functions and the connecting overhead bridge. Unless you assemble the pieces properly, the towers and bridge might be unsteady and crumple.
  • Lock the different sectors together to help the structure stand erect and during washing or moving it, the sections can be taken apart. Beige bricks look too similar and differentiating them will be a tricky task to create the hanging bits and constructing multiple layers.

hardest lego technic set

Light Kit: The Lego lighting kits include twenty warm white toned strip lights along with the three blue strips. While the white LEDs highlight the overhead connector, interior compartments of the bastions and the spires, suspensions and drawbridge, the blue LEDs enhance the base to depict the River Thames. The Briksmax light kit of Tower Bridge also include seven 30cm, four 5cm and eighteen 15cm connecting wires, four expansion boards each with 6 ports, Adhesive Square, AA battery holder and 30cm USB power cord.      

3. Firehouse Headquarters 75827

Age-appropriate for 16 years and above, the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters 75827 will look simple with a height of fourteen inches, a width of nine inches and a depth of fourteen inches. However, assembling the 4634 pieces will be a time-consuming task, especially when the walls can be opened to stretch the model up to eighteen inches in width. The hinge that ensures the opening function will not work if there is a little issue in building the exterior. Hardcore Ghostbusters fans will enjoy the challenge to create the detailed rooms filled with ghouls like the Library Ghost, Zombie Driver, Blue Ghost, Pink Ghost and Slimer.

Highlights: Role-playing and placing the nine Minifigures of Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, Janine Melnitz, Egon Spengler, Raymond Stanz, Louis Tully and Dana Barrett will need you to memorize the scenes from the movies and you will love the decorative arms of the Ghostbusters.

  • As the hardest Lego to build in Ghostbusters series, it requires you to distribute several accessories throughout the building, for example, fire extinguisher, alarm bell, phone, camera, toolbox, computer, slime-filled jars, camera rolls, magnifying glass, slime on toaster, frozen pizza, cheese, milk and other items in the fridge and various tools.
  • Creating the segments in the building namely containment unit, laboratory, garage bay, kitchen, office area, darkroom, recreation room, bathroom and sleeping quarters will take precision and time.
  • The Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 set can be combined with it as the garage bay opens up to hold it inside. Multiple action sequences are to be set up like sliding Ghostbusters down the pole, loading Proton packs and catch ghosts.

hardest star wars lego sets

Light Kit: Using the light kit of 75827 set will provide you one 15cm and four 30cm red, one 10cm and one 30cm yellow, two 30cm pink, two 15cm white, one large 30cm and five large 15cm warm white and three 30cm green LEDs. There are also four small and two standard-sized warm white lights strips, one ice blue 30cm dot light and four white light strips. Six 50cm, eight 30cm, two 5cm and three 15cm connecting wires are included along with the 30cm power cable, one 8-port and eight 6-port expansion boards. Set up the four Adhesive Squares, receiver board, AA battery pack, flashing module board and CR2035 remote control by following the three instruction books.  

2. Millennium Falcon 75192

The biggest Lego set and the flagship display for the Lego Star Wars series, the Millennium Falcon 75192 set challenges you to assemble 7541 Lego pieces while turning and lifting the 32.6 pound model quite a few times. The massive length and width of 33 inches and 22 inches respectively with a height of 8 inches, the set is for 16+ years old Star Wars fans who are expert in Lego building. The challenge does not end with building this Corellian freighter as there are buildable Mynock, two buildable Porgs and the BB-droid figure to place according to the storyline you want to represent. What is more, both classic (Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO) and VII-VIII Episode (old Han Solo, Rey, Finn) are there to enjoy role-playing and interchangeable rectangular and circular sensor dishes to match the timeline.

Highlights: Individual hull plate opens to give access to the interior sections while the blaster cannon is concealed with the sliding panel. Classic Han and Leia have turning head features to show breathing masks.

  • Fact plaque gives details about the design and history of the structure. A new 2007-version canopy, classic crew weaponry like stud-fire bowcaster and blaster pistol and newer episode weapons like silver blaster if Rey, Han’s blaster and medium blaster rifle of Finn are notable.   
  • Seven landing legs, lower and upper quad laser cannons, detachable canopy, cockpit, lowering boarding ramp and detailed hull plates make the exterior complicated to build but enjoyable.
  • Dejarik holography game, seating area, remote training combat helmet, turning seat, engineering station and decorated passageway of the main hold needs utmost skill.
  • Building hyperdrive, console, engine room, two doorways, hidden floor storage, two escape pod doors, access ladder and engineering console will take time.
  • You will need concentration and patience while creating the hunnery station with detaching hull plate, gunner seat, rotating cannon and underside mounted quad laser cannon.  

Biggest LEGO set

Light Kit: Listed among the hardest Star Wars Lego sets, the Millennium Falcon will get 51 additional complementary pieces from the Lighatiling light kit. eleven white light strips, one 30cm and four 15cm white LEDs, two 30cm warm white lights, one 30cm and twenty-eight 15cm blue lights, four 15cm and two 30cm red LEDs are included for various sections of the fastest starship in the galaxy. One 12-port, one 8-port and nine 6-port expansion boards are there with four Adhesive Squares, multifunctional board, 30cm USB cable, battery pack and six 5cm, ten 15cm and six 30cm connecting cables.      

1. Roller Coaster 10261

Complicated design and elaborate mechanics make the Lego Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 set a perfect option for those who like to build models with greater difficulty level. With 4124 pieces to assemble by any expert builder above 16, this chain-lift model can be activated by twisting the knob and using Lego Boost, applicable only when you have completed the set perfectly. You should be skilled with the Power Functions to activate exciting sound effects and chain lift motorization and for more fun, you will require Powered Up 88009 hub and Simple Medium 45303 Medium Linear motor, although beginners might need to some to figure it out.

Highlights: As one of the most difficult Lego structures, it stands as 20 inches high and 16 inches deep with the width of 34 inches. Using the eleven Minifgures at different sections for role-playing like buying ticket, moving towards covered plaza, getting height measured and checking the height, serving beverages etc will need creativity.

  • The set has fountain, ticket booth, concession stand, cotton candy cart, camera elements, seating at the waiting area that are to be made according to the getup of each Minifigure.
  • Two roller coaster attendants, five riders, grandparents with little girl are there and you need to reverse the heads of eight Minifigures to change their expressions according to the activities.
  • Adding three cars for each of the two trains, attaching low-friction wheels and adding seven different elements to create the 44-piece track are the vital parts of building the set.
  • You have to put Minifigures into the cars, secure them with lap bars, release brakes to let the cars move to the foot of first climb, get the train to the top using chain lift and let it go for free fall to launch second train.
  • Elements like 1x2x1 brow brick, 2x8x6 rail slope, ride control panel, arrow tiles, money, ticket and pressure gauge are to be added carefully.

Lego lighting kits

Light Kit: The Roller Coaster lighting kit includes one 30cm and six 15cm white and three 30cm red slow-flashing lights, two multicolor changing strings, eight warm white 15cm LEDs and fourteen warm white strips. Ten 30cm, one 5cm and seven 15cm cables are given along with 30cm power cord, sixteen random Lego bricks, one 8-port and five 6-port expansion boards, Adhesive Square, multiple function board, AA battery holder and two LR44 battery packs.

Above are the top five hardest Lego sets you should not miss, which are also the big model sets to display. If you are confident enough to build those challenging Legos, why not have a try? And if you get them installed, our lighting systems would be the best option to take your building sets to the next level.







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