A Memorable Experience With The Lego Avenger Tower Build

There have been endless speculations regarding Avengers Endgame although neither Russo brothers nor any of the actors playing the Avengers characters decided to reveal anything. Well, the wait is now over as the Endgame is creating a history in the movie theatres and with that, you can see the overwhelming emotional rollercoaster too. As it seems, people are still not considering coming out of that trivia starting with the first Iron Man movie and Lego has hence has brought out the Lego technic light kit for the Avengers exclusive sets so that Lego enthusiasts can keep on creating their favorite scenes from the Avengers movies.

Lego Avengers tower

The Idea Behind Lego Avengers Tower

As you all know, Marvel Studios has celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and as officially the Avengers are bidding adieu to the audience, the collaboration of Lego and Marvel has come up with a unique idea. With the Endgame Lego kits available at different price range according to the number of bricks, people would generally go for the one they like most or the one with affordable price. Well, the good news is that now you can get the exclusive free Avengers Tower set with the official ‘A’ logo inscribed on it. All you need to do is to purchase any Marvel Lego kit worth more than £75.  

What You Can Expect From Lego Avengers Tower

The Lego 40334 Marvel Superheroes Avengers Tower has been being promoted since 19th April and will run till 2nd May. In the meantime, there will also be the launch of the Lightailing light kit to give this structure a night look as was seen in the first Avengers movie. The whole set will require 211 Lego pieces to build and Lego builders no longer need to worry about getting it as the Endgame products are already on the market.

The whole structure looks almost as grand as the original tower shown by MCU and the blue ‘A’ Symbol is the trademark. However, the highlight of the structure is the mini-figurine of Tony Stark with his posable hand. The red armor on hand and the legendary red mask brings the Iron Man touch while the small yet distinctive Arc reactor on his chest and the typical frowned smile and bearded face keeps the quirk of Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist Tony alive.

New Lego Avengers tower

Structures You Can Consider Getting For The Avengers Tower  

So, now that you are familiar with the awesome Avengers Tower and Tony Stark figurine, you should check out the Marvel Superheroes kit to purchase so that you can get the tower free of cost. There are Lightailing light kits for almost every customizable Lego Avengers structure.

  • Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, War Machine Buster, Avengers Compound Battle, Captain America Outriders Attack and Iron Man Hall Of Armor are the recent additions to the Endgame franchise
  • In Spiderman franchise, you will get Spiderman Bike Rescue, Spiderman Car Chase, Spiderman Vs Electro, Spiderman Vs Scorpion Street Showdown, Spiderman, and Hulk Adventures, etc.
  • Thanos: Ultimate Battle, Captain Marvel, and Skrull Attack, Quantum Realm Explorers, The Guardian’s Ship, Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition and Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown are some of the other Lego kits from Avengers.  


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