I Finally Tried Lightailing Lights Kit For Simpsons House And This Is What Happened.

When I was a kid, my evening pastime consisted of watching Simpsons on the television and I can clearly remember how I used to draw the Simpsons and create my imaginary scenes! As for building Lego structures, I became inclined to those when I was in elementary school. Quite obvious to my craze for the Simpsons, I even started to try my hands in building various Simpsons scenes and characters with Lego pieces but on rare occasions did I succeed.

As I grew up, the time spent on Simpsons decreased and I started building elaborate Lego structures with an increased number of pieces. It is when I learned about the light kit from Lego and how it enhanced the ordinary look of a Lego structure. By then I had already started experimenting with Lego bricks in order to conceptualize Simpson’s themed structures.

Lego simpsons house

How The Lights Changed My Concept

Initially, I was not sure about spending money on lights because to me, my Lego structure was enough unique to turn the gazes of guests at my home. However, as I started seeing light kits being used in other structures, the difference between the two structures became evident to me. Those who added Lightailing light in their Lego structures, no matter how ordinary their structures were, those looked grander in respect to mine.  

Lego light for simpsons house

When it came to giving shape to my love for Simpsons, I experimented with a few but nothing turned out to be as easy and lovely as the Simpsons House. As a matter of fact, the Simpsons House was an easy structure to build as it was not a large-scale structure and there were not many bricks of different colors. My Lego Simpsons House looks like a miniature version of what they showed on television and as much as it seemed attractive during the daytime when the room was dark, the Lego product was not visible. This made me consider purchasing the light kit for the structure and a great decision it was for it changed my outlook for Lego structures completely.

  • The best feature of the branded Light kit is that each package comes with a universal instruction book along with step by step guidance on installing the lights
  • Although I heard that the lighting kit does not need particular electrical skill and knowledge, I was not convinced of the same. It was after I opened the package and checked the instruction manual for the light installation, I became fully convinced.
  • For the house of Simpson, light is offered along with LED wires and some complimentary Lego bricks. The LED lights being sustainable power source consumes significantly less power than the other and that is why I have been able to keep the lights of the Simpsons House on for the entire night daily.
  • Be it day or night, the lights on the ground and first floor of the house reflected through the door and windows look magically realistic every time. You will also get a car moving outside of the garage.

lego light kit simpsons house

Lights, although seemingly trivial, can change the entire look of a Lego structure by giving it life with lights. From car to the minute bush, the structure with its Lightailing lights made me realize how incomplete my Simpsons House was when it was not lighted.   

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