How To Become An Advanced Lego Designer

It was indeed a beautiful childhood if you have spent a good amount of time trying to assemble Lego bricks and plates in order to give your imagination a reality. You might have even been encouraged for your Lego building skill throughout, but if you are now considering to give this hobby a professional objective, there are a few things to consider and worked upon. Who wouldn’t love to indulge in designing Lego products but as the Lego world is already quite enriched, the first advantage that you need to stand out among the crowd is your unique distinctiveness and also your expert engineering skill.

Experiment with Lego As Much As Possible

Lego bricks experiments

There are numerous Lego enthusiasts out there who can pull off a complicated Lego Star Wars scene or an elaborate Disney building but exclusivity lies in the execution and of course, adding magic to it through light accessories. Every Lego designer was once or still is an avid Lego builder. It is better to try out new structures and the best way to do this is to try to create movie or comics scenes. For instance, you can try building the Death Star or the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise. If you have interest in monuments and vehicles, try building Lego design of fantasy buildings like Hogwarts or the Disney house or a celebrated car like Bugatti Chiron or Mini Cooper.

  • Start from easier models and then advance to difficult and complex designs with more bricks and plates.
  • If you have conceptualized an idea of design but cannot make it with Lego pieces, try the digital designer to have a thorough knowledge of how to build a particular car, spaceship, monument or a scene.

Get Education –Engineering or Designing and Art Simultaneously

Lego design engineering

As easy as attaching Lightailing light to a structure seems, creating a structure with hundreds and thousands of Lego bricks and tiles will be totally a different thing. A bachelor’s and master’s degree in any science stream would be beneficial as you would have a thorough idea of kinetics, robotics, automation, mechanization, etc. and assembly would be easier. Having knowledge of mechanical or computer engineering and programming will also be a plus point for becoming an advanced Lego designer as Lego projects require such aspirants.

At the same time, as the Lego designer would need to install gigantic structures or show demonstrations of light up Legos that they build, it is advantageous if you have keen interest and knowledge of design and art that is present around you. Lego design can come from a cafeteria scene or the night view of the city, a vintage car or a futuristic plane shown in a sci-fi movie and so on. Make sure you are always looking for new inspirations and trying to recreate them as miniature with Lego pieces.

Lightailing Lights –Enter the Magic Realism World

Lego brick light kit


Lego structures are no more created only as pieces to show in the daytime but also during the night, thanks to the introduction of the lighting kits which come with instruction manuals, lights, and light accessories. As an advanced Lego designer, you should know how to install the lights safely and effectively and highlight just the special areas of the structure.  So, gear up and take the leap!

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