Top 5 Reasons Light Kit Will Change the Way You Think About Lego Design

Lego has been and is a part of everyone’s childhood in one form or the other. As you grow up the simple Lego design would not lure you anymore and you tend to incline towards the complicated ones with hundreds and even thousands of bricks. But, after building a few structures, you will realize that the magic or the spark in them is missing. So, to bring charm and magic to your Lego structures, Lightailing brings shine to your Lego set.

Light Kit –Why It Is Special?

So, here are five reasons for which you really need to incorporate light kits into the Lego structure –


  • Low Light Is Never A Problem

It might not be possible to keep the lights of a room on for the whole night just because it contains you efficiently made Lego design. During daytime, the Lego representation of a movie scene or a building or vehicle would look great but when it is dark, you need it to be highlighted with lighting kits so that the scene or particular structure never seems dull.

  • Power Consumption Is Not A Concern

How would you like it when that tirelessly built Lego structure rests in a room that has low light or remains in oblivion when it is dark? Your structure needs to be kept under lights but power consumption will always be an issue when you would want to keep the lights on for entire night! The light kits are LEDs designed for installing within the structure so that the structure consumes low power. All you need to do is to connect it with a USB hub and plugin. There is no need for high power consuming lights when LEDs are used from a hub.   

Lego light for London bridge

  • Lights Make the Structure Look Real

Just consider how grand a city skyline, a historical monument or sci-fi warcraft would look with lights! The fact is that the normally beautiful Lego structures get a magic realism touch with the LED lights. For example, the flickering lights on the Millennium Falcon or elaborate lights on Hogwarts Castle will give the Lego structures more beautiful look.


  • Installation Of Lights Is Easy With Lego Pieces

The lights included in the Lightailing light kit come with some custom Leg bricks and LED wires so that you can easily attach them through the bricks without having any electrical knowledge. You will get instruction manual with step by step guidance and connecting the lights with the main power is also easy with AA battery pack and USB hub. Just plug the USB hub in and you can have the structure enlightened seamlessly.

Lego light for London bridge

  • Light Kits Let You Customize Your Structure

If you think the lights are only meant for a particular structure and for a particular design, you are mistaken as the lights might be designed for a structure like a building or a car, but you can easily customize them for any other structure as well as for the same structure with an altered design. Your imagination is boundless and Lightailing has created the lights in an innovative way.  

When you have put hours or even days of labor into building an elaborate Lego building or a Star Wars movie themed fighter jet, you would, obviously, want onlookers to find it appealing. Lights will be your perfect accessories for creating this appeal.  

 Lego light kit for Disney castle

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