Learn How To install Bricks Light Kit

For avid Lego structure builders, creating new ones or developing old structures seem like a piece of cake. Even for beginners, if they have not played with Lego bricks in childhood or have been quite out of touch with these colorful plates, building a structure is not a complex thing, no matter whether they are handling StarWars kits or a simple car. Time has changed and the Lego world is not just about bricks and plates. The light kits are introduced by Lightailing to make the ordinary structures look more real both in daytime and night time. The toy company Lightailing has started its journey in 2014 and it has been enthralling the Lego enthusiasts with custom-designed lights, light accessories, and lighting kits.

Things to remember while working with Lightailing Lights

 The first thing to remember while working with Lego structures and lights will be to finish building the structures entirely and then placing your hands on the lighting kit. As much as you are excited about checking out the new lights, it is better to first see how the structure actually turns out to be. This will give you an idea of customization of Lightailing lights. Once finished, follow the steps to add magic realism to your Lego castle or whatever structure you built –

lego light for Harry Potter Castle

  • Test The Functionality

Lightailing always makes sure that the lights and accessories are packed safely inside protective cover. Still, during transportation, if you see any damage of the kit, or even if there is none, it is always recommended to check the lights first. If they work, fine; if there is a problem, Lightailing will always assist you if you get in touch on time. 

Lego light kit for  Bugatti chiron

  • Determining About Voltage and Connect Way

There are multiple lighting methods that you can try. Inside every lighting kit package, you will get special version and universal version instruction kits, a battery box for AAA batteries and a compatible USB connector. All you need to do is to start the power bank followed by the 3 AAA batteries inside the battery box or its USB hub at first. As you light up the Lego car or building, you will be able to see how the lights work and if they work properly. In order to avoid burning or short circuit, make sure the power supply is less than 5V.

Lego light kit for Lego Porsche 911 car

Installation Tips To Follow

The light kits are compatible with any major brands of bricks but during installation, you have to follow certain tips.

  • The wire should be concealed between the two knobs on the plate while making sure that they are not pressed directly by the bricks.
  • While using Star War kits or any other simple lighting kits, make sure the wires run underneath and through the Lego bricks, tiles and plates. They should lay properly between Lego studs.
  • Make sure you are not joining the Lego pieces around cables forcefully, but comfortably between every stud. If you have spare wire, try to conceal them properly underneath bricks and plates so that they don’t get tampered.

No matter whether you are a novice in electrics, the light kits of Lightailing are created in a way they can be installed by anyone. If you have small kids, it is better to do the installation by yourself and if they are slightly older, you can let them do it under your surveillance.  


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