Make Your Light Kit For London Bus A Reality

Whoever lives in London or has ever visited London, will be well acquainted with the legendary London Bus, isn’t it? The bright red color, the double-decking system and the plush seats beside the large glass windows –traveling on London Bus is like a dream to anyone no matter whether he/she is a daily commuter or fancy tourist. So if you have just returned from your London Trip and want to keep a souvenir made by yourself, or you are a local resident and the bus is really close to your heart, Lightailing has you covered. Yes, the latest lighting kits from Lightailing can make your ordinary looking bus elegant and cheerful.

London Bus 10258 –What Makes It Special?

Lego London Bus

When you are a Lego enthusiast and are always trying to assemble new Lego pieces in your leisure time, the above-mentioned structure will definitely be enchanting for you as it not only looks unique during daytime but also when it is dark. light from Lightailing will make the structure look more distinct and detailed even when the lights are off. The lights are easily installable and are the perfect match with the bus. This is definitely one of the customizable features of the Lego structure which means you can customize the lights according to what you wish.

Lego light for London Bus

The best part of the lighting kit is that you will get instruction manuals written in universal language so that you can install the lights without any hassle. If you are thinking that this installation needs proper electrical knowledge, you are wrong as Lightailing makes sure that every customer regardless of electrical knowledge can enjoy effortless Lego building experience.

Special Features Of Lego London Bus Lighting Kit

So, now that you are aware of what the Lego bus is, you might want to buy the required Lego pieces to make the structure complete as the lighting package from Lightailing does not include any Lego brick.

Lego London Red Bus  light kit

The common features of the lighting kit are –

  • The kit has a plug and plays feature to make installation easier
  • LED lights are used as a low energy consumption source
  • The set has some custom bricks (which are not enough at all to build the entire structure) along with the LED lights and LED wires compatible with the lights
  • You will get a USB Hub to insert the cords and connect to the main power source
  • You will get battery pack included in the package but the AA batteries are to be bought separately as they are not included in the package.


For the red bus structure, it is recommended to purchase extra batteries and Lego bricks as you can always make use of the spare ones. All the contents stated above will be packed properly inside the original Lightailing package.

After unpacking the Lightailing lighting kit box, make sure you test all the parts, especially the lights, cords and USB hub to check whether they function properly. Wires should run underneath and between the bricks comfortably so that the electric current flows properly.    

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