Top 10 Lego moc ideas to check

If you're looking for the best LEGO MOC ideas, then you can spend hours scrolling through different MOC websites and never get round to actually building the thing, right?

Well, we've decided to help you with that! Today we're going to share with you 10 recent favorite MOCs we've seen online that are definitely some of the best LEGO creations around. So, let us take care of the scrolling, and you can concentrate on the building!

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Light up lego moc

1. Biolab by Mountain Hobbit

Biolab by Mountain Hobbit is a really exciting MOC, simply because it's so different from other creations out there. We can see this working well with some of LEGO's official space themed sets, but also with other MOCs as you expand your collection. The bright colors, the creepy plants, and the white science lab walls work together brilliantly here to create an exciting space for play and display.

Biolab Lego moc

2. Robots Make Poor Life Choices by Henjin_Quinlones

Is it every day you come across a mopping robot? No. And that's what makes Robots Make Poor Life Choices by Henjin_Quinlones especially exciting. The level of detail on offer here makes this one of the best LEGO MOC ideas, because nothing is missed. The colors are perfect, the characterization of the robot is on point, and the use of varied bricks makes this super exciting. This one is well worth a go yourself.

Robots Make Poor Life lego moc

3. Life On The Rocks by Grant Davis

For those looking to give their minifigures a peaceful life by the sea, may we present Life On The Rocks by Grant Davis. We love LEGO MOCs that allow for storytelling, and this is the perfect hut on a rock scene for any keen LEGO fan. It looks great as is, with the pale blue hut, large rock scene, and added extras such as seagulls and fishing rods, but we can't help but feel it'd look even better with some LEGO lighting. But more on that later...

Life On The Rocks lego moc

4. 76909 Silver Bullet by Keep On Bricking

If you're looking for something a little bit more like a LEGO Technic MOC, then the 76909 Silver Bullet by Keep On Bricking is a great option. It uses the Mercedes F1 76909 set and creates an alternate build, turning the Silver Arrows into the Silver Bullet. It's a really clever design and creates a unique and iconic shaped car that's exciting to look at. Add this MOC to your collection, and you'll be showing it off to everyone you can!

76909 Silver Bullet Lego moc

5. Beekeeper's Shop by LEGO Artisan

Another alternate build now, this time of the 41703 Friendship Treehouse, this Beekeeper's Shop by LEGO Artisan is perfect! It's bright, it's colorful, and it has the potential to be one of the most exciting builds you can add to your LEGO City. Whether this is your first MOC or just one of many, this is a really fun MOC idea that's bound to impress anyone. And it's a practical idea for storytelling and immersive play, too!

Beekeeper's Shop Lego moc

6. F-22 Raptor by DarthDesigner

Another LEGO Technic MOC style MOC here, the F-22 Raptor by DarthDesigner, is a seriously impressive build. The fighter jet is a lovingly well thought out scale replica of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor developed by the US Air Force, and to see it recreated this well in brick form is something ALL LEGO fans can get excited about. It looks great, it's exciting to build, and it will be a wonderful addition to your collection!

F-22 Raptor Lego moc

7. Suspended Train by JKBrickworks

As a LEGO Lighting business, we get pretty excited by all things technical, and the Suspended Train by JKBrickworks MOC on offer here is VERY technical. They explain all about the different components you'll need in the instructions, anyway, but basically they use motors and batteries to create an actual working suspended train designed to run along LEGO rollercoaster tracks. This one is seriously impressive.

Suspended Train Lego moc

8. 10698 Boutique Hotel by Lenarex

Another LEGO MOC build that would do well with some lighting (*ahem* we offer great options right here at Lightailing *ahem*) but the 10698 Boutique Hotel by Lenarex stands as a seriously impressive MOC all by itself. Admittedly, it works best as a building front because there's not a lot going on in the back, but building this and lining your LEGO street with it is a really fun thing to do and it'll improve the look of your LEGO City immensely!

10698 Boutique Hotel Lego moc

9. Seafood Shop by De-Marco

This 16 x 16 modular building MOC is great! The Seafood Shop by De-Marco is something that adds a lot to any LEGO scene, but would look especially great in a seaside village scene using some LEGO sets and being supported by other MOCs on today's list (like the Life On The Rocks scene above). Fun, innovative, and full of character, this modular building really is one of the best LEGO MOCs you can build for yourself at home.

Seafood Shop

10. DIY Lighting Kits by Us (Lightailing)...

OK, so this isn't technically a MOC idea, but it is a great way to make any MOC much better. Besides, you have to head to our Accessories page, pick out the things you need (dot lights vs strip lights, what colors will they be?, etc.) so really, it is your own creation! By making a DIY light kit with us here at Lightailing, you'll be able to show off your best LEGO creations in all their glory! Trust us, a LEGO MOC with LEGO Lighting is a real treat, and we think you guys deserve one!

Lego Home alone with lights

Wrapping Up

The nine MOCs we've featured by actual MOC designers today are all excellent and most of them have other MOC ideas, too. Start with our list to help guide your next MOC project, and once you've finished it, well, it's back to scrolling for hours again. But hey, that's also part of the fun, right? Just remember, whatever your next LEGO MOC project may be, you can always check out our Lightailing light kits to enhance them even more!


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