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Of all the MOC themes out there, LEGO Harry Potter has to be one of the more popular ones, right? And that's why today we're dedicating a little time to talking about the different LEGO Harry Potter MOCs and alternate builds we've seen online lately.

Maybe you've already tried some of them yourself, or maybe you're looking to diversify your Harry Potter collection a little more. Either way, today's post is perfect for you as you sit back and let us take you through some of the best LEGO Harry Potter MOC ideas to check out right now!

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LEGO Harry Potter MOCs And Alternate Builds

Below are all the very best LEGO Harry Potter MOC ideas we've found online - if you want to check them out for yourself, then head to websites like Rebrickable and search for similar MOCs.

We won't include specific links here, because you might not have the parts for one build, but you might for another, so it's much easier for you to check out Rebrickable for yourself to decide which build suits you best.

But to get you started with some inspiration, here are the best ideas we've seen lately!

LEGO Potions Store Room Cupboard Alternate Build

First on the list is this impressive LEGO Potions Store Room Cupboard, which is an alternate build of set number 76386 (the Polyjuice Potion Mistake). Of course it's always fun to see cat Hermione, but when you get bored with looking at that scene, you can use the parts to create a potion storeroom stocked with supplies.

The main reason we love this one isn't because it's huge or impressive on a large scale, but because it is useful. It works brilliantly with the 2022 range of LEGO Harry Potter sets, and it's something we think adds a lot to the storytelling element of your LEGO Harry Potter collection.

You can literally use this alternate build to expand your castle, creating a really fun unknown element of Hogwarts you haven't explored before.

LEGO Potions Store Room Cupboard Alternate Build

LEGO 4 Privet Drive MOC

We love the LEGO Harry Potter Privet Drive set as it is, don't get us wrong, but there's no denying that the doll house like feel to it can ruin the display elements. That's why we love looking at modular Privet Drive MOCs that close up the back of the house so you can display the set for others to see without feeling like there's something missing at the back.

Some of the MOCs even hold on to the play elements, where the back can be taken off to play with and easily reattached, so you don't have to miss out on the storytelling joy of the Privet Drive set (something we really love about it, since it's one of the few sets that isn't set in the magical world).

Really, a Privet Drive MOC might not be strictly necessary if you already have the set, but these MOCs display far better!

4 Privet Drive 75968 moc lights

LEGO Dumbledore's Office Alternate Build

Another alternate build now is LEGO Dumbledore's Office. The example we found was made entirely of the pieces from set number 75954 (the Great Hall). And obviously we love the Great Hall set in its original state.

Who wouldn't, right? But alternate builds are great for exploring new areas of a world, and in this case, it's Hogwarts, and everybody wants to see more of Hogwarts!

This Dumbledore's Office build is amazing, and it has a bunch of little details in it that make it feel more real, including Fawkes, the Sorting Hat, and a cauldron area that looks just like Dumbledore's Pensieve.

The entrance is movable too, so although you don't get the stone gargoyle staircase that you usually travel on to get to his office, you still get the feeling of it being secluded and hidden away in Hogwarts. We love this alternate build, and any fan of Harry Potter will surely love it too!

LEGO Dumbledore's Office Alternate Build

LEGO Chamber Of Secrets MOC

Now we're moving to the big ones, the sort of display pieces that will blow everyone's mind. And to kick off this section of the article, we have LEGO Chamber of Secrets MOCs. There are plenty out there, but all of them are wonderful.

Why? Because every one of them captures that gloomy, creepy, edge-of-your-seat excitement we all felt the first time we entered the Chamber of Secrets either through the books or movies.

Most feature some variation of the gargoyles that line the wall, as well as some impressive recreations of the statue of Salazar Slytherin. Some even feature the Basilisk leaving his mouth like it does in the movie. Creepy, right? But also really amazing when you see it on your display shelf, and we just know this MOC idea is going to be super popular with you guys.

LEGO Chamber Of Secrets MOC

LEGO Hogwarts MOC

To finish our list of amazing MOC and alternate build ideas for the LEGO Harry Potter universe, we had to finish on a LEGO Hogwarts MOC. Yes, the original Hogwarts set by LEGO is amazing, but some of the MOCs online take creativity to a whole new level for Hogwarts, and that's why we find it so exciting whenever we see someone else's interpretation of what Hogwarts ought to be.

After all, Hogwarts is one of those places that looks different in everyone's head, and people online have gone to great lengths to show off their version of it with LEGO.

Even if you don't decide to take on such a huge MOC build, checking out other people's ideas through websites like Rebrickable is a great way to spend a few hours, because trust us, you'll be seriously impressed by their faithful recreations of such an iconic place in the Wizarding World.

LEGO Harry Potter Lighting

It wouldn't be a post from us without mentioning lighting, and so you're just going to have to indulge us for a second. We've mentioned some amazing LEGO Harry Potter sets today, that are brilliant in their own right. The Great Hall and the Polyjuice Potion Mistake, for example. And if you're looking to mix up sets like these (or any other Harry Potter sets you have), then you don't necessarily need to look for alternate builds.

If you want to bring back your love of any LEGO Harry Potter set, all you really need to do is check out our LEGO Harry Potter lighting on our website, where we list all the lighting kits we have available for the different sets.

Lighting will make your LEGO Harry Potter sets come alive, so it's always worth checking out our lighting kits to see how much more of an impact your sets could be making.

And of course, if you've built one of the LEGO Harry Potter MOCs or alternate builds we've listed today, you can still improve the sets further with some DIY lighting kits of your own, which you can build yourself on our Accessories page.

Lego harry potter moc lights
Dumbledore's Office and the Potions Store Room Cupboard might look great now, but with some DIY lighting, they'll really make a statement!

Final Reminder

So, however you enjoy your LEGO Harry Potter sets, whether it's just the vanilla sets as they come, or with some amazing alternate builds or MOCs, you can always add a little more magic to them with some LEGO lighting!


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