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Trends will always come to an end. From the current trendy songs, clothes, hairstyles, or make-ups all of these would eventually die down after a few months or years. But the craze that will never fade even after several years is the seemingly unending craze for Legos.

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No matter how many years will pass, there are still plenty of people of any age, young or old, who can never get rid of their Lego collections. Even you can try out the other building set brands, Lego shops never go out of style. Keywords such as "best cheap Lego sets" and "cheapest place to buy Lego" are still some of the most searched Google keywords.

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More Legos, Spend Less

If you are someone who has this addiction over Legos but finds it extra challenging to keep up with saving money, here are some of the best ways to help you with your Lego haul with not having the worries that you are already spending way too much.

Find your Lego store partner

There is quite a huge difference when you buy Legos in official Lego shops than those in huge malls. In most cases, you can also grab discounts once you are already one of their avid customers. Thus, sticking to a Lego store partner makes a difference. Not only that you'll find friends with them, which is most likely to happen, but also have Legos of your choice for less. Here are some of the ways on how to acquire discounts from the store of your choice and the benefits that you can acquire from it.

1. Be a VIP member- First things first, joining is free! Through this, you can save points that you can use to avail discounts. These points can even be spent online or offline.

2. Have your eyes on your target, VIP double sales on individual sets

3. Once you are already a solid customer you can eventually have an offer where you can buy the bricks and small pieces in bulk. This is a great way to add up to your collection by spending lesser than usual.

Brick boxes- more for less!

Another best way to have the cheap Legos that you have dreamt of in greater quantity but at lesser expenses than those branded sets like the Star Wars and Ninjago Legos is to have them bought through brick boxes. In general, these are just huge boxes of bricks with additional accessory pieces inside them. Mind you, this huge box set comes in about a hundred pieces! Isn't it a way better deal?

Through this, you can have a better offer in quantities than buying it through the little character or the special vehicle sets that usually comes at larger prices. Moreover, this can also come with a huge amount of non-specialty pieces where you can pour the creativity within you. You can even get an additional Lego idea book that will help you turn those Lego ideas into reality!

The greatest fun of it is that they are not difficult to find for you can easily find them in any Lego shops where you buy your collections.

brick box

Thrift Stores

For those who are used to going into cheaper finds, you are probably used to going into these shops. They offer items, which may include Legos, in a lower amount.

Local Yard Sales

Aside from looking for a partner Lego shop, another tip where you can buy cheap Legos is through local yard sales. We know that it does not always happen every day. So, a major tip that we can give you is to have your eyes open for this kind of rare opportunity.

In local yard sales, used specialty sets such as cheap minecraft Legos and cheap Lego star war sets can usually be found at better prices. But of course, since these are not brand new, you are expected to be extra cautious to check everything for probable damage and yes, a thorough cleaning is also advised! If Legos for cheap is in talks, local yard sales is the key!

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Contact your friends

Legos have been part of almost everyone's childhood so it is most likely to happen that your friends also have it with them and might even be up for disposal. Collecting Legos is not everyone's cup of tea so if you have friends who still have their childhood Legos stuck in their basements or cabinets, might as well get that opportunity to ask them if they are willing to sell those. With an effective sales talk, you can even have them for free! (If you know what I mean)


Bricklink is another good find! This is an online marketplace that sells sets, parts, and minifigs just like eBay, but their specific sold items are Legos. So, if you are up for specific sets, you might find it there in better offers. This site is a safe space for Lego collectors as they also give you a pricing guide as an aid for a better understanding of good deals.

Or try the Pick A Brick from Lego store to choose specific bricks for your creations.

cheapest place to buy lego

Shop sales

This one is pretty obvious but I might as well include it anyway. If you are looking for a cheaper choice for brand new Legos, shop sales are the key! All you have to do is to watch out for the sale papers, around Black Friday, Christmas Holidays (or even in any kind of holidays), and other sale papers at any time of the year.

These times are great opportunities that do not happen every day so might as well ready your eyes on them. But, just be cautious with some other sale papers, though. There are some instances that they might be advertising Lego sets as part of their included items that are up for sale but are not actually part of it. A major scam to watch out for!

For smaller or specialty toy shops, on the other hand, usually have huge discount sales during the Christmas season. This is another great opportunity to watch out for since they might have better discounts than other larger shops.

Better hurry for the first-come, first-serve basis is usually applicable for sale discounts like these. Aside from that, rushing to stores earlier can also give you the best offers on their best-discounted Lego sets that may also come with free shipping and other deals such as price matching.


Since we are talking about Lego collections, you might as well be interested in giving them a little makeover. Putting lights on your Legos especially if they are up for display in your living rooms or even in your room is the new trend for Lego collectors. Just like cooking, it adds an extra flavor to the usual look of your Lego sets. If you want to pour your creativity into something entertaining, you can visit Lightailing for better finds for Lego lightings in high quality yet less prices.

light up legos

Having your Lego collections may come with a price but with a smart mind and an eye that's always locked up to discounts and sales, you can have good finds in a cheaper amount. A cheap Lego set is always easy to reach only if you know how to look for ways to have them for less.



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